Palm Oil Free Certified and Proud to be the 1st

Certified Palm Oil FreeThe Donegal Natural Soap Company has been recognized as Ireland’s very first company to become Certified Palm Oil Free.

When I established the Donegal Natural Soap Company in 2010, being Palm Oil Free was one of the founding principles. I simply wanted to play my small part in highlighting to consumers a little-known, but very real global problem.

Being Palm Oil Free was always about raising awareness of the damage caused by this monocrop culture. By choosing that what I create did not contribute to this. An achievement I felt worth pursuing.

Indeed our Irish ancestors were the first victims of monoculture when the potato famine reduced the population from 8 to 4 million! 

Much of the world has now awoken to the consequences of household goods and are making changes. Thankfully, more and more large companies, the biggest contributors to the problem, are now starting to take notice.

It’s time we all started to research the products, and ingredients within, of what we buy, use and consume. It makes a difference.

The Donegal Natural Soap Company are delighted to be the 1st Irish company in Ireland to be accredited Palm Oil Free. Thank you.



International Palm Oil Free Certification Trademark POFCAP

International-Palm-Oil-Free-Certification-Trademark-POFCAP“The Donegal Natural Soap Company has undergone our Certification Programme and the products they submitted for certification have been Certified Palm Oil Free. They now have permission to use the Palm Oil Free Certification Trademark on those certified products.

We hope to see many more companies filling these pages as this Certification Programme develops throughout the World.”

Each product or company displaying the POFCAP International Palm Oil Free Certification Trademark has been thoroughly assessed and certified palm oil free