Palm Oil- Free Soaps Ireland


What makes our Soap so Good?

They are all natural and we use only the finest ingredients from nature, most of which are organic certified.

Nourishing Cocoa & Shea Butters make up 20% of each bar This gives our soaps a luxurious creamy lather that leaves skin cleansed, moisturised and softened.

Fortified with Special free oils at the end of the soap-making process so that these oils are available to the skin. During washing. our natural protective skin oil (sebum) gets washed away along with the intended grime. These available super oils in our soap work to replace those lost from the skin; thus, the skin’s barrier remains protected. The skin then over time replenishes its natural oils once more. Donegal Natural Soap makes sure the skin’s inherent hyper-elasticity remains unbroken, keeping dry skin at bay.

Our soaps retain water-loving glycerine to keep skin hydrated. This is often removed in commercial soaps as it has a lucrative value in the cosmetic beauty industry.

We have shunned Palm Oil and its derivatives. Palm oil production is a mono-crop culture that results in the burning of billions of hectares of virgin rainforests, the near extinction of many animals who deserve our respect, and the release of tonnes of carbon into the atmosphere.

We are the 1st Irish company Palm Oil Free Certified. Why does this matter? As the serious problem of palm oil production has come to the media fore in recent years, many palm oil ingredients and derivatives have become hidden within and behind vague terms or chemical aliases. Being certified palm oil free means that all our recipes have been checked and verified. We and the consumer can be sure we are truly Palm Oil Free. Check out for a very long list of palm oil ingredients in everyday products.

We take the long road. We choose the cold process as we feel the lower operating temperature retains more of the goodness of key ingredients. Also, it requires a longer cure time. Like wine, cheese and Christmas, we think the best things in life are worth waiting for.

And the hard road. We are always searching and researching natures larder for goodness, and we find it. We source many Irish bioactive ingredients (seaweeds, nettles, raw Goat’s milk, organic rapeseed oil, sea salt, etc) to make our soap superior, uniquely Irish and a bit of us.