Cocoa Butter Bath Creamers


These fizzing bath creamers smell divine and contain skin 
softening Organic Cocoa Butter, the very best Organic 
Aromatherapy Plant Essential Oils, and soothing herb 
botanicals and sea minerals. Choose between these five 
Cottage Rose - Enriched with cocoa butter, goat’s milk powder, 
and a rose floral essential oil blend.
Wild Heather - A blend of cocoa butter, goat’s milk powder, 
and relaxing lavender and ylang ylang essential oils.
Donegal Seaweed - Infused with organic seaweed oil and 
scented with uplifting sage & lime aromatherapy oils
Queen Maeve - A decadent infusion of Kokum & Cocoa butter, 
Irish oats, and rich scents of patchouli, ylang ylang & cinnamon

Weight per creamer = 55g.

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