Stewart’s Goat Farm

Our goats are hand reared, outdoors from birth and enjoy grass and gorse as their main diet. The Nanny goats kid down from early Spring and after the kids are weaned, the Nannies are hand-milked daily for their milk. The milk is not pasteurised; therefore classed as raw milk and retaining all it’s natural goodness and benefits.
Goats produce on average between 2-6 litres of milk a day, some of which we deliver to the Donegal Natural Soap Company to make their fabulous all natural Donegal Raw Goats Milk Soap. The surplus we use ourselves to drink and make homemade ice-cream.
Goats milk soap is well known for it’s creamy lather and skin loving properties, it is wonderful for people with dry or sensitive skin, or conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. Unprocessed raw goat’s milk fresh from the farm contains lots of benefits such as vitamins and minerals, it is especially high in Vitamin A, which helps repair damaged skin and maintain healthy skin. The cream that is present in the milk also has great moisturising benefits and does not cause skin dryness like many commercial soaps.

We really hope you see the benefits of the Goats Milk Soap as we love that our goats can provide you with the milk to produce such a special product.

Carol-Anne & Jeffery