The Donegal Natural Soap Company – About Us

Hello. My name is Isobel Sangha and my business is steadily going down the drain… I make natural hand-made soap with pure ingredients. Donegal Natural Soap is created in my busy country workshop with the beautiful Donegal hills as my backdrop. It is then packaged with loving care to arrive at your sink, shower or bath – wherever in the world that may be.

The Donegal Natural Soap Company

The story of The DOnegal Natural Soap Business begins in 2010 when my son, then aged 2yrs, was at the peak of a painful battle with atopic eczema. In my search for relief and healing treatment, I began to research the products we used daily and what they contain. It soon became very evident that allergy rates were soaring and environmental factors play a key role in this. The solution for my family had to start at home.

This realisation, along with my past studies and work in Engineering and Biomed, persuaded me that I already had everything I needed to change the way my family approached the personal responsibility of our health. I started to experiment with store-cupboard ingredients, teaching myself the methods and looking to nature for inspiration and resource.

And so it began. Starting with a simple unscented oatmeal soap crafted from larder ingredients, I used it and loved it. My children loved it. I shared with my family; they loved it and wanted more. Well, you know where this story goes.

Since making the change to only natural soap, our son’s eczema and the skin health of all of our family has never looked back. Countless hours spent creating new recipes, foraging for ingredients and thousands more hours of research. Being able to work from home in my purpose-built workshop, following my passion and hearing of the real difference my products make to people – what could be better?

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